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From the Desk of The Director

Education to me, is an art of liberation. Liberty is the supreme goal for any individual. Physical bondage is not the only form of captivity. Rote learning without questioning its authenticity is nothing short of yoking, following traditions without going into its roots is no better than slavery. Human beings are not robots who can be fed with certain command of operation for their life time. As educators, at Arya Sr. Sec. School, we try to orchestrate our students’ mind and heart in such a way that they, after fulfilling the materialistic needs can also satisfy their social, spiritual and individual needs. Our system allows to read a piece of txt for reading purpose only. We allow the words to do the magic and act as props and catalysts. I am fortunate enough to have a very dedicated team of teachers who ensure the perfect execution of our programs and even making them better with their experience. Having such a team allows me to think as better as I can without any hassle of implementation. I would also like to mention the boarding facility that we provide to our students from far-flung areas. This provides an opportunity to our students to develop social and emotional skills which are honed in playground as well as when they dine together. “Self-education is the only kind of education there is. “Isaac Asimor has said. With the same belief, we train our students to savour the pleasure of reading of the most wonderful book titled ‘life’. They must learn, UN-learn, de-learn and re-learn through out their life.
Sh Jagdish Chander Arya

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