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The school is proud of its fully air conditioned and well furnished hostels, fitted with all the modern amenities to make the stay of every child comfortable and happy. Each hostel is under the strict supervision of a caring and responsible warden. The hostels are properly protected with adequate security arrangements to promptly deal with any eventuality. Areas to Develop Student’s Personality
1. Communication skill development programme.
2. Counselling session (For the building of character)
3. Regular Health Check-up
4. Remedial classes (Academics)

Rules & Regulations for Hostlers

1. Residential students are not allowed to go out of the hostel campus.
2. A student is allowed to go to his home on fixed holidays only.
3. In a very urgent case if a student is granted holiday then he must return by due date, otherwise a fine of Rs. 50/- per day shall be imposed. If absence is for six consecutive days, the student’s name shall be struck off the rolls. Same rule is applied in case of fixed holidays.
4. Indiscipline or misconduct can lead to cancellation of admission in the hostel and the school.
5. Parents can meet their ward on any one Sunday of the month. Only parents or authorized person can meet the student.
6. Telephonic conversation is allowed from 5.00 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. daily and 9.00 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sundays. Duration of conversation should be short and it is allowed once in 7 days. Students can also use telephone facility available in the school. No student is allowed to keep mobile phone.
7. Parents should contact the warden to meet their ward.
8. Student should not keep any cash or valuable with him. Parents can deposit some cash amount in the student’s personal account, which he can withdraw for his personal needs by the permission of the Principal.
9. Parents should meet the Principal after every unit test and terminal exams to assess their ward’s progress.
10. Student is supposed to follow the hostel routine.

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